Yoga Class

Class revitalize your senses, giving way to resourcefulness, creativity and connectivity. Vitality for living the life of your dreams and discovery of personal joy. 

Beginner & Intermediate

  • One-on-one private class packages 
  • Semi-private classes packages, up to 5 students.
  • Special accommodation for larger classes. 
  • Corporate and institutional programing options.

Classes includes:

The physical component to yoga called Asana it consists of modern body movements with alignments points and therapeutic touch adjustments that are, corrective and inspiring. We practice breathing techniques called Pranayama, as well as meditation, concentration and chanting. Advanced practitioners are welcome and encouraged to practice foundation alignment.          

Asana includes is not limited to, sun salutations, forward bending and back bending, arm and leg balancing and inversions.

Pranayama is a conscious practice of the control of breath. When pranayama is integrated in asana it includes pausing and increased inhalations and exhalations.

Meditation is a practice of calming the mind. 

Chanting Mantra is the use of sound vibrations the reach the subtle body.

Yoga prepares us for what is to come giving the body and mind flexibility to adapt to changes.We each have the freedom to cultivate strength for continuous growth as human beings. “To exercise the body is to purify the soul.” 

Start Here:

Step 1.  Send an Inquiry to learn more 

Step 2. Look for an invoice at the email address you registered with.

Step 3. Pay your invoice. (Please note rescheduling and or cancellations are non-refundable.)

Step 3. Once your invoice has be paid,  you are enrolled in the class.