EVERY WOMAN needs care after birth, here is why. Usually mothers are cared for during labor by a woman and subsequently by other women; care traditionally starts as soon as a mother gives birth. Postpartum timeframe is defined as: First 6 weeks after childbirth, during this time your body is changing and healing if experienced a cesarean (or C-section) I offer extended post birth/postpartum care up to six month for women experiencing mood and anxiety disorders. Some women experience needing to build their own support from other experienced women during this time, many would prefer it to be a woman other than "mom" or "mother-in-law" and often find postpartum doulas to be significantly rewarding. This is where my work begins. Services listed here are for various options of post birth care. Just Be™ support, breastfeeding support. Please see payment and responsibilities also below.

Just Be™ PostpartumCare

Through techniques I guide mothers to a state of calmness, it drastically changes the experience for both mother and baby. Support is the catalyst for tranquility, stability and adaptability.

Every mother experience's being a mother differently, but the demands of motherhood are universally challenging. 

These sessions help to experience omnipotent peace of the present moment, more energy to do the things that matter in life, which allows for a greater sense of wellbeing.

During our time together we cover the topics listed below, each visit is customized towards your personal experience and adjusted accordingly as your needs change.  

  • Connecting to the present moment

  • Reduction in postpartum depression

  • Increased coping skills for parenting

  • Deepened bonding/attachment techniques

  • Emotional support

  • Physical support; alinement, adjustments & gentle touch

  • Growth in ones innate ability to mother

  • Understand how newborns communicate styles

  • Self-care planning

  • Guidance in managing daily to-do's

  • Appropriate referrals as needed

"During my postpartum period I was not in an emotionally good place. Winter provides postpartum services and she was exactly what was needed. She is very warm and helpful. She listened to me and provided great resources."Malika.C


Babies have fed from the bosom of their mothers since the beginning of time. Studies show that getting off to a good breastfeeding start, sustains success. Lets get off to a great start with breastfeeding, A two hour session will educate you on the following below and more

  • Understanding baby’s latch and feeding style

  • Counseling on interventions

  • Better breastfeeding duration

  • Breastfeeding management

  • Avoiding supplements

  • Latching and positioning

  • Reduction in barriers in breastfeeding

  • Increasing milk supply

  • Reductions in sore nipples

  • Managing pumping

"Winter is kind and nurturing with a big heart. Her passion for working with women and children shines through in all that she does." Bonnie L

"Being a first time mom isn't always an easy thing. Instruction does not come included when figuring out many hard days and nights with your new bundle of joy. Breastfeeding was something i was completely going to give up on, but i am extremely happy and grateful for the help and guidance i received from Winter. Her knowledge and uplifting words allowed me to feel confident on continuing to breastfeed my baby boy" Jasmine C


Retainer, Payment and Cancellation for Services

During your complimentary consultation we will agree upon the postpartum services ideal for your family and lifestyle, with different options available to you, we will discuss your needs and put together your postpartum/self-care plan; consultations generally last 20 minutes and are typically via phone. Fees for services and a contract of agreement will be created. Do to the high demand it is suggested that you arrange for a consultation by 28 weeks.

Is a retainer fee necessary to reserve my appointment?  Yes 

A 50% retainer fee is expected at the time of booking your service, to reserve your date of service. Retainer fees are non-refundable. The remaining  balance is required on the day of service.

Cancellations must be made 24hrs before your date of service.

Late cancellations within 24hrs of your date of service, will be charged 100% service fee. We are unable to offer a refund for rescheduling or late cancellation request. 

Options for payment are credit card with an additional 3% service charge or cash for remaining balances only.