Winter is kind and nurturing with a big heart. Her passion for working with women and children shines through in all that she does.

- Bonnie L

Being a first time mom isn't always an easy thing. Instruction does not come included when figuring out many hard days and nights with your new bundle of joy. Breastfeeding was something i was completely going to give up on, but i am extremely happy and grateful for the help and guidance i received from Winter. Her knowledge and uplifting words allowed me to feel confident on continuing to breastfeed my baby boy.

- Jasmine C

My biggest challenge was getting adjusted to breastfeeding. I thought it was going to be easy as a second time mom and because I had done so much research. Despite all my preparedness, it was physically and emotionally demanding as She had difficulty latching, I Had to be able to accommodate the baby's feeding schedule any time of the day and I was the only one who could feed her. And I was experiencing severe pain from her improper latch which made breastfeeding a dreaded activity for Almost 2 months. She had trouble latching on properly and was tongue tied. I took her to a doctor to have her tongue snipped and Winter assisted me with improving the effectiveness of her latch via phone, face time, and in person assistance.

After working with Winter, I was able to understand that this period was temporary and would soon pass. I received acknowledgement that breastfeeding isn't always easy, it's a different journey for each mother and also each baby and that it can take time to "learn" how to feed for both mom and baby.

The most important thing about working with Winter is that she is patient and empathetic. She understands the emotional support a new mother needs and how to acknowledge and address those needs without being annoying condescending or patronizing. She was persistent in trying to address all my needs while reassuring me that this is all part of the process of parenting a newborn and there's no one way or right way, just what works for you and your baby. I appreciated her sincerity and thoughtfulness to my individual needs and assurance that I was doing a good job. Especially as a new mom again, you forget a lot of things and always question if "am I doing this right?"

I am genuinely grateful for Winter's support and guidance during those first few weeks of mothering a new born.

-Nadellnee Clermont

Before becoming a mother, I had many concerns about how I was going to breastfeed (which position is best to hold my baby while feeding), and how I was going to learn how to breastfeed (the actual technic of latching). Fortunately, due to the great opportunity appointed by a Breastfeeding Center, I was able to meet Winter and she brought on so much information, that I still carry with me today being a mother for almost a year now.  

The changes I have experienced while working with Winter is actually having results due to her advice. Everything that she has advised me to do worked perfectly. Had she not helped I would have been completely lost, and I wouldn't have continued to breastfeed for an entire year.

I came to a breastfeeding class not expecting much and left with a mentor for the year. Not only did Winter provide me and my partner with the basic information on how to get started with breastfeeding, she also followed up with me every week to answer any new challenges I may have came across along the way. And believe me I definitely had questions for Winter every week so the calls were absolutely appreciated. Others should also know that Winter has hands on experience with breastfeeding because she has children of her own whom she breast-fed so she is the perfect person to obtain information from.  Winter does not give one answer to your concerns, she offers options to try and give you time frames of how long things should take. Winter is very sweet and a great person to confide in.

-Kewanda W.C.

During my postpartum period I was not in an emotionally good place. Winter provides postpartum services and she was exactly what was needed. She is  very warm and helpful. She listened to me and provided great resources.