Mother Yoga™

Mother Yoga. is the interlacing of restorative yoga movement for pre natal and post natal support in nyc; the caring of mothers emotionally through the encouragement of self-expression, self-discovery and love, while simultaneously receiving a physical release and balancing. 

  • 4-week class series at one class per week, for one hour.

  • One-on-one private class packages available.

  • Semi-private classes, up to 5 students are available upon request.

  • Special accommodation for large group classes.

  • Corporate and institutional programing options are available.

  • Classes are designed for expecting mothers and mothers with children up to one year of age, and aimed to effectively release the tension and stress inherited with motherhood.

  • In each class, participants will reflect on their own experiences and find compassion towards themselves through the practice of releasing stored emotions and physical tension.

Lets get started

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Step 2. Look for an invoice at the email address you registered with.

Step 3. Pay your invoice.(non-refundable)

Step 3. Once your invoice has be paid,  you are enrolled in the class series. 

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