I've been professionally supporting mothers and their toddlers since 2007 and postpartum mothers since 2012 which includes breastfeeding support, yoga and healthy eating.  The most rewarding part of being a postpartum doula is having the ability to make a difference in a mother knowing that my gentle specialized  (Just Be) one-on-one approach, personalized attention, and holistic philosophy encourages her to embrace and make efforts attempting with new approaches, to release her fears and be the best mother she can be. 

Now I get to work with a rainbow of women like yourself to empower you to understand and heal in your life as a mother and woman, which supports other roles you play in this life. 

My Story

Here we are 17 years after the birth of my eldest son. Who knew that I, Winter Parris, would ever be in a place filled with so much self-love and compassion. Let me give it to you straight, those first days and months thereafter weren't easy and parenting as a whole is the most challenging job there is. At times, I didn't think I would make it through. 

Some days I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I would take one moment at a time, not thinking of my next steps, or to do lists because that would complicate my moments and cause chaos.  

Through overcoming my own personal experience with postpartum depression, I discovered a passion and purpose for supporting mothers as a doula.  As a mother of two, I personally understand that each pregnancy and postpartum experience is unique and ever-changing. 

It is my personal experience as a mother, and my professional experience as a postpartum doula and yoga teacher which has helped to magnify and enhance my growth. I passionately assist women, utilizing a nurturing, hands-on and loving approach in overcoming, obstacles and issues related to womanhood and being a mother.

Initially, I set out to be a therapist and during this time. I mistakenly discovered the existence postpartum doulas and instantly connected with this profession.  Postpartum doulas provide direct care at a time that is one of the most crucial, when the baby is here! EVERY WOMAN needs a postpartum doula it's not just for depression.  Moms are provided assistance to help with the transition from carrying a baby to being a parent, receiving information, education, companionship, compassion, and non-judgmental support during the postpartum trimester. 

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Best Wishes, Winter Parris 

 Looking forward to meeting you!

Looking forward to meeting you!